Law Office - Day-to-Day Business Management

A principal attorney and law office owner sought to expand her client base and increase her firm's revenue. With a small, dedicated team and solid revenue, the owner aimed to manage more mediation and divorce cases and build a family attorney business robust enough to allow for a comfortable retirement. However, she faced significant roadblocks: disorganization, a lack of proper documentation, and difficulties in delegating responsibilities, leaving her little time to focus on growth or to train new hires.


Having difficulty trusting others with her business, her approach with Wolf Group was cautious and deliberate, starting with a retainer for pilot projects to build confidence. Over time, her engagement with Wolf Group expanded to managing most of her day-to-day tasks including client emails, overseeing the end-to-end process of divorce cases, and managing the discovery and case management processes.


Wolf Group Consulting’s impact on the law office was transformative. Since partnering with us, her revenue has seen a 36% increase. We took charge of the tedious tasks, streamlining communication with courts, judges, and consultation leads, and managed her case loads from start to finish. This freed the attorney to focus on what she does best—practicing law and advising her clients.


Our efforts have helped in developing a structured environment where cases are managed with precision and care. With the newly implemented systems, the law office now operates with increased continuity and efficiency, ensuring that no client or case slips through the cracks. The law firm has not only expanded its reach within the Greater Boston area but has also fortified its presence in various business networks.


With our refined systems in place, the law office is now a beacon of efficiency, allowing the principal attorney to devote her expertise to client services and business growth. If these are the kinds of results you envision for your practice, let’s discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your firm’s unique needs and help you write your own success story.

Creating Systems and Workflow
Manage cases end-to-end and keeping track of follow ups and scheduling on Clio
Previously behind by three years; now bills and receives payments regularly ensuring healthy cash flow
Asset Chart Creation
Developing comprehensive asset charts to organize and track client assets, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for legal proceedings and financial analysis
Manage Discovery
Organizing and managing the discovery process, ensuring all relevant documents and information are systematically collected, reviewed, and prepared for legal proceedings
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