Short-Term Rentals Growth and Passive Income Achievement

When the CEO of a short-term rental company came to Wolf Group, she was looking for a way to grow her business without getting lost in the day-to-day grind. With ambitions to manage 100 properties and earn passive income, she faced obstacles that kept her from these goals. Disorganization, difficulties with technology, and the challenges of managing both people and finances meant she was stuck working in her business instead of on it.


Her company, based in the Greater Boston area, was well-established with a team of 2-3 employees and $200,000 in annual revenue. Her budget for growth was tight—she needed to make significant progress without breaking the bank. Wolf Group stepped in to transform her business model, beginning with the buying process and tackling her pain points head-on.


We started with pilot projects, building a foundation of trust and demonstrating immediate value. Our team created a business management proposal that outlined a new path to her goals. We focused on systematizing operations, from developing a ground team for property reviews to automating the client onboarding experience. A new customer service team was established, an Airbnb-like website was developed, and a strategic partnership team for lead generation was created.


The impact of our collaboration was clear: her revenue increased 10x, her operations underwent a digital transformation, and her business was now scalable with systems that ensured future growth. We handled the integration of new software solutions, trained her team, and built marketing materials that echoed her brand’s voice and mission.


Wolf Group can help those with short-term rental businesses overcome their growth hurdles, meet their goals, and set higher standards for success. Just like our client, let us help you take the steps necessary to not just dream about growth and freedom, but actually achieve it.

Build Effective Teams
Assemble and manage teams across customer service, web development, housekeeping, and ground operations
Enhance Online Presence
Oversee the user experience and functionality of the company’s rental website
Standardize Operations
Ensure consistent processes across all teams to align with business strategies
Manage Listings Across Websites
Optimize the display and pricing of rental properties on various platforms
Automate Workflows and Communication
Automate onboarding, problem solving, communications and other issues that arose with guests staying at a property
Create SOPs and Troubleshooting Guidelines
Enabled team to be self reliant by training and development of detailed process documents and troubleshooting steps
Market Research and Development
Identify competitive opportunities and challenges specific to the short-term rental market
Resource Management
Regularly evaluate the use of physical, human, and capital resources to optimize performance
Improve Service Delivery
Provide insights for enhancing service efficiency for both sales and customer support
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