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Struggling to grow? Want more time to focus on what you love? We’re here to help. We Do All Tech leveraged Wolf Group’s expertise in business operations to grow their company and take back their lives. We Do All Tech is a web development agency who reached out to us for help with project management and hiring. With only 2 employees, their founder was finding it hard to balance life and work, spending 12 hour days at the computer, 7 days a week. We worked alongside We Do All Tech to get a real understanding of their company processes, so that we could then get to work hiring the best team for them. These were the results after just 3 years of working with We Do All Tech.

2 11

Grew their team

12h 7h

Reduced their working hours


Their annual revenue


Gave them back their weekends

So, how did we do it?

Our process with Wedoalltech included:
Hiring designers and developers
Expanding their services to include apps and web apps
Streamlining their processes with the use of technology like Asana and Slack
Created a pricing structure that allowed for easier client communications
New website build
Provided analytics so that we could effectively pinpoint their pain points & focus areas.
Before I reached out to Wolf Group, I was struggling to balance my work and home life. Even though my business was successful, I wasn’t able to enjoy any of that success because I was always stuck in the office. 3 years later, I’m doing better than ever. I’ve tripled my profits and reduced my working hours significantly. I didn’t think it was possible to have this much time on my hands whilst continuing to grow.
Parv Noor
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