Business Manager & Fractional Director of Operations

Many small business owners need executive-level help, but the expertise of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) can seem like a luxury beyond reach at executive-level cost. That's where we come in. We have the expertise of a Operations Director who works with you, bringing high-quality guidance in strategy and operational efficiency that fits within your budget.


This is perfect for business owners who need a strategic boost to help manage growth, steer the company through challenges, lead projects, or improve day-to-day operations. Deb dives into your business, identifying areas that need improvement and puts plans into action. With her wealth of knowledge and experience from various industries and multiple functional areas, Deb is committed to helping local business owners achieve their goals and set new ones for future growth. She doesn’t just advise—she rolls up her sleeves and implements the solutions your business needs.


Ready to give your business the leadership support it needs to grow? Let’s talk about how a Fractional COO can become a game-changing addition to your team.

Plan Growth Strategies
Help set clear, achievable goals for business growth.
Lead and Manage Projects
Manage important projects from start to finish.
Streamline Daily Operations
Make everyday processes quicker and cheaper.
Manage Budgets
Keep spending in check and help find cost savings.
Improve Hiring Practices
Help find and keep employees who fit well with your team.
Update Technology
Choose and use technology that makes work easier and faster.
Track Performance
Implement and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate operational success and areas for improvement.
Negotiate with Suppliers
Get better deals and terms from suppliers to save money.
Ensure Legal Compliance
Work with stakeholders to keep the business in line with laws to avoid fines.
Handle Changes Smoothly
Manage changes in the business without big disruptions.
Measure Success
Use simple metrics to see how well the business is doing.
Communicate with Stakeholders
Keep everyone informed and involved in business progress.
Regulatory Compliance
Keep the business compliant with legal regulations.
Stakeholder Communication
Keep all parties informed and aligned with business progress.
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